Ed Martin Toyota Reviews and Testimonials

Read what people are say about their car buying experience at Ed Martin Toyota.

Neil Lavador

"Neal Graham rocks!!!! I'm from Az, 27 hours away from Indiana. I bought a loaded used prius V 5 with tech package from Ed Martin Toyota in pristine condition. The price was very competitive, no Az , Ca, or any nearby states can touch it. He lowered price farther enough to cover my plane flight 3 hotel stays and gas on my 27 hour commute. To spare me from a 40 minute taxi ride, I was met at the airport by Allan who was 30 minutes early. Paperwork and test drive done in less than two hours. Neal Graham knows his cars well and took time to explain everything. He also arrange a really good price on window tint to prevent half a body sunburn on a 27 hour trip. He threw in a cargo cover for free too, something I ask for late in the deal and willing to pay out of pocket (downside cargo cover too noisy when driving, skip it) THE KICKER, HE DROVE ME HIMSELF TO THE MOVIE HOUSE AND BACK WHILE WAITING ON THE TINT JOB. I originally requested just to use the shuttle that drives customers around when the don't want to wait for their cars getting serviced. I have had a fully loaded convertible 328 and convertible 335 BMW, so I know stellar service, Neal Grahams' service is just on another plane. Thanks Neal."

Liza Minnelli


"I'm a recent college graduate and was looking for my first car, a Toyota Corolla S. I made the rounds to all the Toyota dealers in the greater Indianapolis area--I definitely did my homework. I spent nearly a month looking. After having things pushed on me at other dealers, I was so put off that I nearly quit looking for a car altogether. Then, I contacted Derek Manis at Ed Martin Toyota. Derek was extremely patient, friendly and laid-back, and didn't try to push anything on me. He didn't bat an eye when I said I needed to think about it before committing to a purchase. He was extremely helpful and was quick to respond to any questions and concerns that I had. He even let me use the phone to work out coverage details with my insurance company! I cannot recommend this place enough--excellent service, great experience. I've been made a believer that car shopping can be a pleasant experience!"

Tod Miller


"In more than 25 years of leasing cars and trucks for combined business/personal use, this experience was best by far. Considerate, businesslike approach of salesperson; consistent, considerate attitude of finance manager made it that way. These guys have achieved the important balance of being good businesspeople with kind respect for the intelligence of the customer. While we're always a little wary from past experiences, we didn't get the strong sense of "buyer beware" as we have before. I would recommend them to anyone. They earn awards from Toyota and I understand why. "

Dave Stashevsky


"Derek Manis and the team at Ed Martin Toyota in Anderson provide the BEST customer care we have ever experienced. We visited the dealership 7-8 times over 4 weeks test driving many models (new & used) & various trim packages before we settled on a new Highlander. During that time, they were never pushy and were always glad to see us. They were helpful but allowed us the time to come to our own decision. From the search, to the test drives, the selection, delivery & financing, there were NO unpleasant surprises and we couldn't be happier. I've bought from them in '05, '11, and now '15. Same great experience each time. They will be my first stop when it is time for another vehicle. "

Tom S.

"My wife and I were shopping for a new 2014.5 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid. Michael Baden at Ed Martin in Anderson had the best out-the-door price. But when we got to the dealership, we changed our mind and wanted a used Toyota Camry XLE hybrid instead. That wasn't a problem for Michael, even though he surely spent a lot of time coming up with the LE. He found two 2012 XLEs on the lot; and he encouraged us to test drive ourselves. He just gave us the keys and said "go". We had lots of questions; and Michael answered them all. He was so kind, courteous and patient. He also took the time to explain the Certified used car coverage; and he helped out with the financing. Throughout it all there was absolutely no sales pressure. We were treated like adults who were making a big financial decision and commitment. And the price Michael offered the car for was better than I would have gotten anywhere else. But the best part of the experience came AFTER THE SALE. After we drove the car home ,we discovered a gash in the rear bumper. We hadn't noticed it at the dealership. I emailed Michael late in the evening and told him of our disappointment. The next morning he called and told us to bring the car back; and that the bumper would be fixed. He also volunteered a loaner car in the meantime. He wanted us to be happy with our car, happy with our decision to by from him, and happy with the dealership we bought the car from. I was so taken back by all this that I just had to write about it. Michael Baden and the folks at Ed Martin earned our trust and our respect. I am happy to recommend Michael and Ed Martin to anyone looking for a new or used Toyota. The drive out to Anderson will be well worth your while."

Bryndon Preston


"Working with Ed Martin Toyota was one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had. I worked with Derek Manis, the general manager and Scott Grigoletti. This dealership doesn't play any of the traditional car dealer "games". They are honest, upfront and entirely dedicated to great customer service. You can tell that this dealership is not focused on making a sale, but on earning your business as a lifelong client. My family has been purchasing cars from this dealership for over a decade because of the great service and pricing. I highly recommend Ed Martin Toyota. You won't be sorry you trusted them with your business. Thank you, Bryndon Preston"

Willie S.


"Very happy with new car purchasing process. Good communication, sincere interest and a fair deal for both parties. Quick and reasonable process with F&I - normally this is painful but not here. Do your homework and prepare well for any new car purchase but once you do this team will work with you for a fair deal."

Tedle Wellen


"This is my second purchase from Ed Martin.They have totally went above and beyond on my new toyota Tundra purchase!Very polite,not pushy in any way and after the deal was done my great salesman is very personable! He was completely honest and found the perfect truck and deal for me!!! In all my years of auto buying this dealership is no doubt the very BEST!!"

Steve Gosnell

"I worked with Sky over the phone and internet to come to a deal on our Highlander. He was excellent to work with and did a terrific job communicating the process of when it was built and delivered. Also, when we arrived at the dealership everything was ready. The process was very streamlined and hassle free. Since we had a long drive there and then back home we very much appreciated him having it all organized and ready to go so we did not have to spend very much time at the dealership. He did a great job!"

Tony Nefouse


"Was really happy with my experience at ED Martin. My sale rep Michael Baden understands what internet sales is all about. Michael delivered the best in all of Indiana and surround states. I was able to leas a Toyota Sienna with the options I wanted. Here in Indianapolis, most of the dealerships have little competition and most of the sales people do not want to work that hard. Michael on the other hand was willing to work for the deal and he got it. My savings was about 10% vs everyone else."

Tiffany F.


"I just looked at a few cars here & didn't end up buying because they were not the style I liked. But I feel compelled to write a review just based on the exceptional customer service I received from Mark Miller. He was so attentive, kind, non-pushy, & patient. I hate dealerships because salesmen have their own agendas but not here. I was actually bummed they didn't have the exact used car I desired because I really wanted to continue working with Ed Martin. I'll definitely keep them in mind for a car in the near future."


"This purchase was the best experience I have ever had. I know that dealerships prefer negotiating in person, but since I lived 3 hours away, Derek M negotiated the purchase price and trade-in value through e-mails and phone calls. He was very helpful, shared information proactively, and always responded quickly to e-mails and calls. He sent me their best price without a lot of haggling and was not pushy when I needed time to make my final decision. When I purchased the vehicle, I arrived an hour late in the middle of a snowstorm and close to closing time. He brought the vehicle into the service area and cleaned it up so I could inspect the car in the heated building. When I met with the finance manager, all of the numbers matched what Derek had agreed to in the e-mails and they were able to find a very attractive interest rate! Even though the dealership was closed and the snow was piling up outside, Derek took the time to sync up my phone with the stereo and help me become acquainted with the vehicle. I wish the dealership was closer because I would definitely refer my friends and family to them. If you're in the Indy area, you should check with them before buying."


"My experience leasing my new car was absolutely the best. Derek was wonderful. I enjoyed working with him again and I felt he really had my interest at heart. I love my new car and will definitely return when my lease expires."


"NEAL G did a great job getting things put together with my purchase. He was very professional and he made my visit there a very good experience The financial part when 'very good as well Thank you"